Thursday, April 2, 2015

Officially Kind Of A Big Deal

It's been announced!  Cassia is officially performing at Tribal Revolution! I'M SO EXCITED and scared BUT EXCITED fucking terrified GONNA BE AWESOME oh god oh god 20% COOLER twelve percent worse SHUT UP AMAZING!

We're dancing to a beautiful version of the Game of Thrones theme, four cellos and some kind of drum backing it. All about formation changes and looking like a bunch of Dothraki special forces and slaying all the dragons!

We've also had three performances this March, and I think there was one in February that I can't recall.  The first was at a random bridal expo as a favor to one of Grace's friends. The "stage" we were to dance upon was the size of three postage stamps, and right at eye level with us was a bigass chandeliery sconce. But we made it through a ten minute set without falling off the stage, breaking anything, or getting caught in the fucking sconce! And then we got to have cake samples.

Second performance was at the Martini Room in Elgin.  There were screwups, sure, but all in all we had a great performance, and I ended up in a few pictures that I simply adore. I look beautiful, elegant, happy, and free. I will totally be posting them soon. I was also majorly pissed off during the entire performance, so the fact that it didn't wind up on my face was a huge bonus.

Third performance was another Belly Dance Wednesday. There was a major snafu in the middle of it, but we recovered and nobody died, and then most of my sisters went out onto the floor during All Tribes and rocked it. I declined this time due to just having eaten... didn't want to barf on someone while Tamarind (yeah, they were back, and amazing) were making me spin. But we had a lovely time in all.

Now we have to buckle down and study up on our choreo. Scaaaaarrryyyy!