Saturday, March 26, 2016

Get More Wear Out of Your ATS Costuming!

One of the oddest metamorphoses in myself since I began dancing (besides feeling better, both physically and emotionally, meeting some of the best friends I've ever met, and suddenly having a stacked social calendar) has been how my ATS costuming has worked its way into my daily life, and not just the jewelry.  A week doesn't go past where I'm not wearing something from my costume closet at the store or going to work.  I haven't even majorly overhauled my aesthetic... I haven't gone from a super-sharp Ann Taylor Modern American Woman to a super bohemian flower child.  The ATS was always there, I suppose... I just needed to pull it out!

Choli:  Cholis are perfect for adding more coverage under a medium-sheer top or dress. I also like to add a choli underneath when I'm not sure if my bra will show or when I could use some more warmth under a dress. It's also a great way to add sleeves to a spring or summer dress in the winter!

Pantaloons:  I adore wearing pantaloons all day, every day.  I put them under simple dresses and tunics, or pair them with tank tops.  Plus, with their flowy, drapey shape, I think they're more comfortable than yoga pants and look much more polished for a day bumming around town or going to work.  Plus, in cold weather, you can layer leggings and leg-warmers (or a full pair of jeans) underneath and nobody's the wiser.

Skirts:  I don't often wear a full 25 yard skirt out and about... especially if I'm driving.  It's a LOT of fabric, after all.  But, I am guilty of wearing a wrap skirt over leggings or tights in my daily routine.

Ghawazee Coats:  I love a ghawazee coat over a tank and skinny jeans/leggings.

Hip Scarves:  Great way to add texture over a maxi dress, or get away with a pair of pants that's giving you camel toe.

Coin Bras/Belts:  Honestly, I haven't yet found an application for these in a day to day wear situation.

Accessories:  Probably the easiest way to add a little ATS into your day to day... a scarf over the hair, a flower pinned behind the ear, a little black dress dressed up with a chunky tribal necklace... my recommendation is to add one ATS accessory into your repertoire at a time until you get comfortable in it.  In experimenting with your look, on stage as well as in life, confidence is always key.