Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't Be A Boob

On January 21st, Grace produced a show at a restaurant in Bolingbrook IL Made nationally famous for the Drew Peterson case, Bolingbrook is not exactly a Mecca of creativity. However, Grace was able to attract tons of dancers, in all styles.  Her student troup Cassia made their debut as well.

She had announced to my Level 1-2 class that we would be joining them next time, if we're interested. As a costumer, my main question was simply, "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?"

Grace just looked at me and shrugged. "The other girls were just wearing skinny tanks."

I looked down at myself. The other girls are mostly small ladies. Narrowly built, small on top, almost to a person. One of the ladies is a bit larger than the others, but not by much. I... am curvy.  Full hips. Narrowish in the waist, and a 34DD on top. I have one of those homunculus bra sizes that most manufacturers ignore. The only way I can buy a bra in a store is if someone returns an online-only item with the tags on. Either way, I looked up at Grace again and pointed to my breasts. "So yeah... so about that."

Grace immediately moved to reassure me. "We will find something that works for you, don't worry. There are plenty of women your size and larger that dance. I'll talk to some vendors, we'll figure it out. Don't worry."

Of course I'm not worried, and I know Grace will come through with an idea, but I do not leave things to chance when it comes to costumes. So, I got to thinking. What if I take a burner bra, sew the straps on so they're closer to the back-side border of the ribcage, cut off the straps behind that, sew on some D-rings, and then just pass the choli straps through? And yes, I already have the choli and the burner bra on order.Just need to get the D-rings and make some time.

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