Friday, February 7, 2014

Look at my belt, my belt is amazing!

I've been dancing in a "hip scarf" (i.e. whatever scarf I found that fit around my hips) since I started dancing. Sometimes it was one of those inexpensive coin deals that are a dollar on eBay, that no Halloween belly dancer goes without. Sometimes it was what I found on the floor. You know, whatever.

Then the incomparable Grace told us about Tribal Bazaar's going out of business sale. I'm not going to lie, I plotzed. I'm pretty sure my adorable recovering-Catholic gent even said, "why are you plotzing so much?"

I had just coveted so many pieces on that site. I had even crunched the numbers and figured out how many jobs I'd need to have a complete dance wardrobe (about five, two full time). And now, here it was... Infinitely more affordable!

I went easy, and only snapped up a coin bra and that gorgeous belt. I'd tried for a choli too, but those were out of stock. 

I danced with my belt for the first time last night. And it was glorious. She fit me comfortably, like my hips had grown in for just this purpose. And then I shimmied, taksim-ed, and pivot bumped, and for the first time, I got literally instant feedback on my dancing. My teacher is excellent, but to have someone snuggled up around your body, jingling softly when you shimmy, tapping along as you pivot bump, drawing a hard bright line where your hips should rotate... I felt awesome.

Of course, she's not just a good friend. I couldn't get a full pic, but she's amazing. Shisha mirrors, embroidery, beadwork, and (not pictured) antique kuchi pendants... My belt is a rich tapestry. She's a piece of art, not just a piece to keep the pants on.

Clothes do not make the man. But any drag queen can tell you... Sometimes you just need the right accessories!

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